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Industry news
A new Pew Research Center survey finds that Americans have mixed feelings about the way news organizations are handling the issue for each candidate, with views sharply divided by political party.
BetMGM, a leading sports betting and iGaming operator, and The Associated Press have announced an agreement that makes BetMGM the official sports odds provider across the AP global sports report.
Carpenter Media Group (CMG) and CNHI, LLC announced today they have reached a preliminary agreement for CMG to acquire 10 newspapers spread across Alabama, Georgia and Mississippi, as well as a print facility in Valdosta, Georgia.
Legislative sausage-making is creating some drama around proposals to save local journalism. Kerfuffles are inevitable with so much at stake. They should not distract from the bigger picture, which is that major, bipartisan solutions to the local journalism crisis are emerging and taking effect — at the state level, at least.
The bipartisan Deliver for Democracy Act would help news outlets overcome the current crisis of local journalism by incentivizing reliable postal service and limiting excessive rate increases. In recent years, the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) has consistently raised rates for periodicals under the guise of increased efficiency and improved service. However, local news has yet to receive those benefits and instead continues to face persistent postal delays.  
Here’s an idea to steal and adapt: Gulf Coast Media and The Sumter Item revamped their Athlete of the Week contests to attract corporate sponsors and reader engagement.
Do you have the most up-to-date ISSN numbers for your newspaper and website?  If not, now is the time to apply for them! It’s important that all newspapers ensure they have the proper ISSN numbers for their products.  
The owners of the Daily Gazette have agreed to the framework of a deal to sell the company to Gazette publisher John DeAugustine, the Hume-Lind family announced Wednesday.
Penny Abernathy tells why the study of local news became her mission, why she chose the term “news deserts” over “news vacuums,” and what signs of hope she sees amid an ailing industry.
Here's an idea to steal and adapt: The Chattanooga Times Free Press launched a newsletter that delivers useful news to local food lovers.
Most Americans say it is not important that the news they get comes from journalists who share their political views, age, gender or other traits. But people are more likely to say it is important for journalists to share their politics than any other characteristic we asked about. And certain demographic groups place more value than others on the personal traits of their journalists.
The study focused on the Raleigh-Durham community and specifically sought to discover what barriers non-English speakers face in accessing news.
Twenty-five $1,000 awards are available for faculty starting and growing news-academic partnerships.
"The centerpiece of our idea — also articulated by Steven Waldman, head of the Rebuild Local News coalition — is that journalism needs to be treated more like critical infrastructure."
The decision will save the company an estimated $5 million a year and is a step toward returning to profitability.
It’s a million dollar question. And one that every publisher with a digital subscriptions model has asked themselves at least once.
Brier Dudley of The Seattle Times says he can’t stop thinking about the Pew Research Center’s survey, which found people are paying less attention to news and turning to non-journalism sources to get informed. This further highlights the urgent need for solutions that universally address America’s local journalism crisis, as if more evidence was needed.
May 13, 2024 - AP has updated its guidance on the use of generative AI in the news report to allow for some experimentation around the use of the technology in specific use cases.