America’s Newspapers and Borrell Associates launch newspaper advertiser research project

Newspapers routinely do not get credit for the effective digital and print solutions they deliver local advertisers.  A new, ambitious research project conducted by Borrell Associates will seek to measure where advertisers are spending, what media they are spending with and how they feel about local newspapers and their solutions.
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4 reasons your newsroom needs a First Person View drone

First Person View (FPV) drone technology has been the playground of drone racing and thrill-seekers in general. But there’s a case to be made that this tech has newsroom applications. Here’s a list of reasons you might want to put on the goggles and fly an FPV drone for your next story.

CNHI acquires The Transylvania Times in North Carolina

CNHI, LLC has acquired The Transylvania Times of Brevard, North Carolina, from The Transylvania Times, Inc., a family-owned company for the past 80 years. The sale closed May 6.

From humble beginnings and a small investment, The Newport Daily News turns 175

The first edition of The Newport Daily News in Rhode Island was four pages and published on May 4, 1846. The price was one cent per copy, or $3 for a yearly subscription. It was believed by many in town to be a frivolous enterprise, but after publishing several editions, the paper always sold out.

A new newspaper ownership model emerges in Colorado

Once again, Colorado is staking out new ground in the battle to save local news, this time with a first-in-the-nation effort to keep newspapers locally owned and thriving.

Hammes family sells St. Maries Gazette Record to Mullen family

Dan and Cindy Hammes, second generation family owners of the St. Maries Gazette Record in St. Maries, Idaho, have sold the newspaper to Jesse and Sasha Mullen of Deer Lodge, Montana, according to John Thomas Cribb of Cribb, Greene & Cope, who represented the Hammes family in the transaction.

Nominate your 2021 'Operations All-Stars' for industry recognition

Operations is the heart and soul of our industry. And the pros working in the pressrooms not only understand every department's mechanics (beyond presses and equipment) they often contribute new thinking and concepts to help uncover profitability! Help E&P and ING (in conjunction with America's Newspapers) recognize these innovators by nominating a colleague today, so we can share their ideas and salute them to the global news publishing industry!

Take our survey: The future of remote working

All newspaper employees (managers and non-managers) are encouraged to participate in a quick America's Newspapers survey on The Future of Remote Working.  Publishers and managers: Share the survey link with your staffs and encourage them to take part.

America's Newspapers welcomes three new members

Three newspapers have been welcomed into membership!

Times Media Group acquiring Tucson Local Media

Steve Strickbine, publisher and president of the Tempe-based Times Media Group, on Tuesday announced he is acquiring Tucson Local Media from Thirteenth Street Media. 

Inaugural Meeting: Conference highlights, sessions

Putting challenges in perspective: Difficult doesn't mean impossible

"I love journalism," Mi-Ai Parrish told publishers gathered for the inaugural meeting of America's Newspapers, "and so do all of you. I love that we're watchdogs and storytellers. We're advocates, innovators. We're business strategists and community leaders. We're friends and neighbors, fathers and mothers, sons and daughters. We help connect our readers to the world and to the communities we serve. We enrich and inform, delight and unite."

How the Battle of New Orleans was Won

The "pirate" marketing tactics that The Advocate employed in the Battle of New Orleans played a key role in helping the paper overtake The Times-Picayune in the fight for dominance.

Hussman encourages all newspapers to adopt Statement of Core Values

In response to requests from a number of individuals since his talk at the inaugural meeting of America's Newspapers, Walter Hussman Jr. is sharing his Statement of Core Values on this website. He said: "I believe adopting a statement like this can help improve our relationship with our readers as a trusted and professional source on news."
Walter Hussman: Restoring faith in newspapers

Digital-not-so-ready: Initial findings from the GNI Subscriptions Lab

So what are the newspaper participants learning from the Google News Initiative Subscriptions Lab? Hint: Something about themselves.

In battle with digital giants, looking for a 'safe harbor' in Congress

The advocacy interests of America's Newspapers falls right in line with the first topic addressed at the Inaugural Meeting of America's Newspapers. The News Media Alliance's Danielle Coffey talked about frustrations she encounters when lobbying on Capitol Hill and the latest in the newspaper industry's campaign to get a fair revenue arrangement with the digital giants.

Take advantage of a tool everyone already uses: Email

Email is a daily part of millions of American's daily lives. So why aren't newspapers taking advantage of this amazing revenue generating opportunity? News-Press & Gazette Company's Kristen Frey and Observer Media Group's Emily Walsh talked about the insights they've gained from experimenting with email marketing.

Small is the new big: Niche publications that are year-round revenue generators

What do backyard poultry, goats and beekeeping have in common? All are niche interests that have been scaled into reliable revenue generators.

Protecting public notices and the vital information they provide to communities

Many advertisers find the process they must go through to place public notices to be frustrating, Legislators what to change the law to move legal notices out of newspapers (and onto state and local websites) and publishers are doing their best to make the process work. Where's it all heading and what will be key to hanging onto public notices?

Inaugural Meeting: Congrats to our award winners
PJ Browning honored as E&P magazine's Publisher of the Year
PJ Browning: Recipient of E&P magazine's Publisher of the Year Award
Carmage Walls Commentary Prize honors courageous editorial writing
Peter Kovacs, editor of The Advocate in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, accepted the Carmage Walls Prize on behalf of Danny Heitman and Lanny Keller.
SNPA's staunchest advocate honored for 43 years of service
Edward VanHorn: Recipient of SNPA's Frank W. Mayborn Leadership Award
Joyce McCullough honored with Carlsen Distinguished Service Award
Joyce McCullough: Receipient of the Ray Carlsen Distinguished Service Award
Former Forum Communications CEO honored with high Inland award
Lloyd Case: Recipient of the Ralph D. Casey/Minnesota Award

A new champion for newspapers is born

America’s Newspapers – the association formed from the merger of the Inland Press Association and Southern Newspaper Publishers Association – was ceremonially launched October 6 at its inaugural meeting in Chicago.