A unique opportunity to make an impact across a national footprint

More than 720 newspapers from across the country, totaling more than 6,000,000 in distribution, have united to contribute to a new national print advertising network launched by America’s Newspapers. This program creates a great opportunity for advertisers to reach a premium audience at an attractive CPM rate.
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Galloping goats, biting gators and more in your local newspaper

Journalists tell the stories that are fun to read, but even more importantly, the ones we need to know. America needs journalists!

Industry news

Make your reporting more diverse: Try a different network, redefine experts

As part of an RJI fellowship, Melba Newsome, an independent journalist and editor in Charlotte, North Carolina, will create a diversity training program that she will implement in newsrooms to help them include people of color and underrepresented groups in their reporting to be more reflective of the communities they serve.

Index-Journal brings back print editions, at the request of readers

In the spring, the Index-Journal of Greenwood, South Carolina, made the difficult decision to pause printing of its Monday and Saturday editions of the newspaper to help offset lost advertising revenue. On Sunday, Publisher Mundy Burns Price announced that due to the evolving business environment and requests from readers who miss receiving a hard copy of the newspaper on a daily basis, the printed Monday edition of the Index-Journal will once again be available beginning Oct. 5. And, beginning with the Saturday, Oct. 3 newspaper, readers also will enjoy a new Index-Journal Weekender edition.

Relevance Project releases Revenue Resource 2020

The Newspaper Association Managers' Relevance Project has released its extensive Revenue Resource 2020 to assist newspapers in aiding businesses of all sorts during the pandemic. The initial phase of the Relevance Project Revenue Resource has 18 sales promotions.

Consolidation within the news media industry: Dean Ridings to be presenter at America East summit

The subject of consolidation in the news media industry has gone from the elephant in the room to the matter at hand. All aspects of the industry have been impacted, but certainly production and management are experiencing some of the deepest effects. Dean Ridings, CEO of America's Newspapers, is among the panelists at the America East News Media Summit who will be discussing the current state of consolidations and how they are working to stay ahead of the curve and maintain the integrity of their organizations and products.

Salary disparities are most visible factor of discrimination against Latino journalists

A recent post by an RJI Fellow about the threats and online/offline harassment of Latino journalists working in the U.S. highlights the disparity between salaries of the “general market” and the Hispanic market.

House of Representatives passes Fallen Journalists Memorial Act

The U.S. House of Representatives has passed bipartisan legislation authorizing the Fallen Journalists Memorial Foundation to establish a national memorial that honors the many reporters, editors, photographers and broadcasters who have lost their lives reporting the news.

Texarkana Gazette announces iPad program

The Texarkana Gazette is the latest newspaper published by WEHCO Media to begin a campaign to transform its newspaper experience more fully from print to digital, providing a free iPad to subscribers as part of the conversion.

With war chests, candidates can support local news

Despite the natural alliance between public servants and local news outlets, too many candidates let consultants convince them print is dead and what they really need is another shouty TV commercial or a glossy mailer comparing their opponent to Hitler. There's nothing wrong with diversification, of course, but overlooking newspapers' print editions and websites is a tactical mistake.

McClatchy’s 30 newspapers probably won’t be endorsing this year

The New York Times reported yesterday that McClatchy’s 30 papers will be permitted to make a presidential endorsement only if they conduct interviews with both Joseph R. Biden Jr. and President Trump.

Inaugural Meeting: Conference highlights, sessions

Putting challenges in perspective: Difficult doesn't mean impossible

"I love journalism," Mi-Ai Parrish told publishers gathered for the inaugural meeting of America's Newspapers, "and so do all of you. I love that we're watchdogs and storytellers. We're advocates, innovators. We're business strategists and community leaders. We're friends and neighbors, fathers and mothers, sons and daughters. We help connect our readers to the world and to the communities we serve. We enrich and inform, delight and unite."

How the Battle of New Orleans was Won

The "pirate" marketing tactics that The Advocate employed in the Battle of New Orleans played a key role in helping the paper overtake The Times-Picayune in the fight for dominance.

Hussman encourages all newspapers to adopt Statement of Core Values

In response to requests from a number of individuals since his talk at the inaugural meeting of America's Newspapers, Walter Hussman Jr. is sharing his Statement of Core Values on this website. He said: "I believe adopting a statement like this can help improve our relationship with our readers as a trusted and professional source on news."
Walter Hussman: Restoring faith in newspapers

Digital-not-so-ready: Initial findings from the GNI Subscriptions Lab

So what are the newspaper participants learning from the Google News Initiative Subscriptions Lab? Hint: Something about themselves.

In battle with digital giants, looking for a 'safe harbor' in Congress

The advocacy interests of America's Newspapers falls right in line with the first topic addressed at the Inaugural Meeting of America's Newspapers. The News Media Alliance's Danielle Coffey talked about frustrations she encounters when lobbying on Capitol Hill and the latest in the newspaper industry's campaign to get a fair revenue arrangement with the digital giants.

Take advantage of a tool everyone already uses: Email

Email is a daily part of millions of American's daily lives. So why aren't newspapers taking advantage of this amazing revenue generating opportunity? News-Press & Gazette Company's Kristen Frey and Observer Media Group's Emily Walsh talked about the insights they've gained from experimenting with email marketing.

Small is the new big: Niche publications that are year-round revenue generators

What do backyard poultry, goats and beekeeping have in common? All are niche interests that have been scaled into reliable revenue generators.

Protecting public notices and the vital information they provide to communities

Many advertisers find the process they must go through to place public notices to be frustrating, Legislators what to change the law to move legal notices out of newspapers (and onto state and local websites) and publishers are doing their best to make the process work. Where's it all heading and what will be key to hanging onto public notices?

Inaugural Meeting: Congrats to our award winners
PJ Browning honored as E&P magazine's Publisher of the Year
PJ Browning: Recipient of E&P magazine's Publisher of the Year Award
Carmage Walls Commentary Prize honors courageous editorial writing
Peter Kovacs, editor of The Advocate in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, accepted the Carmage Walls Prize on behalf of Danny Heitman and Lanny Keller.
SNPA's staunchest advocate honored for 43 years of service
Edward VanHorn: Recipient of SNPA's Frank W. Mayborn Leadership Award
Joyce McCullough honored with Carlsen Distinguished Service Award
Joyce McCullough: Receipient of the Ray Carlsen Distinguished Service Award
Former Forum Communications CEO honored with high Inland award
Lloyd Case: Recipient of the Ralph D. Casey/Minnesota Award

A new champion for newspapers is born

America’s Newspapers – the association formed from the merger of the Inland Press Association and Southern Newspaper Publishers Association – was ceremonially launched October 6 at its inaugural meeting in Chicago.